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Using a virtual private network (VPN) such as HideIpVPN will make your traffic appear like it is originating from a location of your choosing, with an IP address chosen at random. Having that ability prevents your real IP address from being tracked and monitored and gives you a certain level of anonymity while surfing the Internet.

HideIpVPN is an interface that protects your computer and online identity, unblocks restricted web pages and protocols that are typically off limits to your IP address and lets you work like a stealth computer while surfing the Internet.

HideIpVPN creates an encrypted tunnel to the Internet and the HideIpVPN servers around the United States, Europe and Canada. Your IP is your identity and with HideIpVPN, your identity is masked to the outside world. Others only see the IP address provided by the HideIpVPN servers. Most Internet Service Providers (ISP) monitor their customers as they move about the Internet and adjust bandwidth and block web pages. No monitoring is possible as your true identity is blocked from prying eyes.

Traffic to and from your computer is encrypted and no data is able to be seen to or from your computer and that includes emails, downloads, videos and web site addresses. HideIpVPN offers a much needed layer of security for those who use the Internet for any reason, and offers a secure connection especially when logging into an unsecured network and wireless hotspots.

HideIpVPN offers a 3 hour demonstration to allow potential customers the opportunity to test drive the program and experience it in action. It will remove any reservations anyone has about such a program and will show beyond a shadow of a doubt the program works and the benefits it brings with it. HideIpVPN also offers a 3 day money return guarantee if you cannot connect to their servers.

HideIpVPN does not store any customer information except three days of connection logs in the event a problem area needs attention and the technician has to perform troubleshooting exercises.

HideIpVPN utilizes high speed servers, but your actual connection speed will depend on the connection speed offered by your ISP. It is possible for the customer to switch to a server that may be experiencing less traffic and that may help connection speed, but it is really up to your ISP when it comes to connection speed.

HideIpVPN offers two different levels of service and it is easy to switch between the two by logging into your account and clicking the subscription button.