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It is important to use caution while surfing the web, especially when transferring information that could compromise your identity. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) were developed to protect web users from being tracked by employers and other agencies and being blocked from certain web sites due to government action.

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One of the VPN’s on the forefront of this technology is ibVPN. They provide what they like to call “invisible browsing” because using their service makes your computer invisible to nosey eyes. They operate servers in 12 countries worldwide and support several protocols including OpenVPN, L2TP/PSec and PPTP.  OpenVPN is the most secure of the VPN’s and ideal for connecting computers using Mac, Windows or Linux operating systems to the Internet. PPTP offers compatibility to mobile devices such as Android, iPad and iPhone devices.

ibVPN provides a temporary IP address when you log onto the Internet. This protects your computer from being tracked and monitored by the boss, the government and marketers that want to establish location and web surfing habits. When screened by ibVPN, you are invisible to everyone else and do not leave a trail of cookies wherever you go.

ibVPN is ideal for computer users who connect to the Internet through unsecured and public networks such as found at libraries, schools and Internet Cafes.  Everyone has the right to protect their online presence and keep their identity safe and secure and ibVPN helps web surfers protect themselves from hackers who steal identities and certain data connected with those identities. Identity protection is important while travelling and logging on through unsecured networks at airports and hotels.

The best feature ibVPN has is its demonstration version of the program. It gives interested parties the ability to test drive and evaluate the program and its support before purchasing the program. Not all VPN’s make that offer. The demon version is a fully functional and fully operational program with all the features and benefits of the paid program. It is an incentive to purchase the program buying testing the program and finding out it is all what the advertisements say it is.

ibVPN is available by subscription on a month to month basis. Subscription discounts are available for purchasing multi-month plans. ibVPN also offers a money return guarantee for anyone who purchases the program and find it does not work to their benefit. Customers are allowed to switch servers to better suit their location when on the road.

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