VPN, or virtual private network to its friends, is a firewall of sorts that protects computers from identity theft by blocking the IP address and location of the computer. It is an Internet interface that acts as a shield and substitutes an IP address at random from the group of available IP’s. The IP address is valid for that session only and expires as soon as that session is closed.

Overplay VPN works with Windows, iPhone, iPad, Wii, PS3, OSX and XBOX360. With high speed servers in more than 45 countries, Overplay VPN is available almost everywhere and there is no charge for the unlimited bandwidth. Overplay protects computers using an unsecured and public Internet connection by masking the real IP address and providing a temporary IP.

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Overplay VPN offers a choice of two virtual private networks and they are SmartDNS and Full VPN. The choice depends on the user usage. SmartDNS is the choice to make for access to streaming audio or video websites and Full VPN if encrypted access is required for access to all websites and applications such as Skype.

SmartDNS requires no software download and only requires a very simple change in configuration. The Full VPN service utilizes user friendly software that is simple to set up and easy to configure. Overplay offers a video guide to help maneuver the process.

All Overplay servers are high speed, but the speed an individual computer connects at depends on the speed the ISP communicates with the country where the VPN server is located. Overplay has a server test page that allows customers to test the speed of the different servers available and choose the one most compatible with the subject computer and ISP.

Overplay allows account sharing as long as the computers are logged in from the same physical location. Location multiple computers from different physical locations is a violation of the terms of service and subject to account termination.

Overplay supports members doing anything through their service as long as it is legal. They do not support using copyrighted material unless the customer holds the copyright. Any and all copyright violation notices received by Overplay are investigated and the offending party will be terminated if found to be in violation of any and all copyright laws.

Customers may subscribe to Overplay on a month to month basis and may cancel at any time. Overplay VPN accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal for subscription payment.

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