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For web surfers who are looking for security and anonymity will find what they need with PureVPN. PureVPN is a virtual private network developed for the purpose of protecting computer identity. Your IP address is your computers identity and that IP address can be monitored by anyone with enough online savvy to perform such tasks.

IP address monitoring allows anyone to track your online whereabouts, what you do and where you go. It gives marketers the necessary information to drive advertising your way in the form of pop up ads and spam, it allows the boss to check what you do online while on company time and it allows governments from certain countries around the world to decide the web sites you can access.

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The way PureVPN works is a customer sets up the program on their computer and connects to the Internet through their own internet service provider. Once that connection is made, the computer is routed through one of the PureVPN servers and that server assigns a temporary IP address at random for that online session. The real IP address is masked and the temporary IP address is the only one seen. Once that online session is over, the IP address expires. Your computer is free from prying eyes and nosey people.

PureVPN provides data encryption for an added layer of security and no one can track or monitor your data, as well as compromise your data sent to and from your computer. For those in Asia and the Middle East any firewall rules will be null and void and you will able to surf the web without restriction.

This virtual private network is compatible with several different protocols including a variety of VoIP software including Skype, as well as compatibility with Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Linux and Windows operating system. PureVPN provides support for PPTP, SSTP VPN services and L2TP IPSec.

PureVPN offers three levels of service, Standard, Unlimited and Pure Gold Plans. The standard and unlimited plan offers shared IP’s and the Pure Gold Plan offers a dedicated IP. Pure also offers a trial account for a very low cost that allows the customer to test drive the program before purchasing the program.

Each plan comes with a 3 day money return guarantee if the plan does not work out as expected of if there is trouble connecting to the Pure servers. Live chat is available to customers who have  questions or need help working through a problem.

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