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Strong VPN, a segment of Reliable Hosting, is an Internet provider and has been offering Internet services since 1995. Included in their offerings is Strong VPN, virtual private network, for the protection of customers Interconnection.

A Virtual Private Network hides their customers IP address and assigns a temporary IP address from more than 12,000 available addresses every time the customer logs into the Internet. The temporary IP address is active for only that session and expires when the session is closed. This prevents others from establishing the client’s identity and location. Hiding the true IP address assures the client of remaining anonymous while online. Marketers cannot target the real IP address with pop up advertisements, spam and other nonsense that typically makes its way around the Internet.

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Strong VPN allows the customer to utilize any of the available servers and determine the location associated with the IP address to create further security. One of the most important benefits of Strong VPN is it provides security and protection when using an unsecured, public Internet connection. Public Internet connections are found at libraries, Internet Cafes, school and restaurants.

Other important benefits of using Strong VPN include the ability to unblock web sites that might be inaccessible by government sanctions or corporate firewalls. Strong VPN offers high speed service and there is no charge for the use of bandwidth.  It is easy to switch locations by switching to another available server. That helps surfing the Internet safe and secure.

In order to use Strong VPN it is necessary to have an Internet connection such as DSL, dial up, cable or satellite. For those worried about a virtual private network slowing down an Internet connection will find Strong VPN will maintain existing speeds and in some cases may increase the customer’s Internet speed, depending on the server chosen.

Strong VPN will run on any computer, but to use it on a public computer, such as a computer at a library or Internet Café, the user must have administrative privileges in order to set up and configure the VPN. Mac users will be happy to know Strong VPN supports Mac operating systems and is a download specifically for Mac’s.

Travelers will find Strong VPN especially useful while on the road. Once the VPN is set up, it will work anywhere, but it might run more efficiently if the computer is connected to a server closer to the computers location.

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