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SwitchVPN is an encrypted network with a built in algorithmic feature that prevents your IP address from being tracked by others. The program is compatible with leading operating systems and Internet browsers. Switch allows customers to browse the Internet without limitations and unlocks and unblocks web sites not typically accessible to your IP address or by your internet service provider. The servers run at 1GBPS network speed, giving the customer lightening speed.

The SwitchVPN servers are located in Latvia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States. You have the ability to connect to whichever server is closest to your physical location and is compatible to your internet service provider speed.

SwitchVPN is user friendly and installs quickly. There is no special computer knowledge required to install, set up and use the program and it works with just about all internet service providers. There is no set up fee and the user fee is assessed monthly. Customer support is available around the clock and includes the knowledgebase, live server status and support tickets.

SwitchVPN boasts a 99% uptime and state of the art technology with multiple features within the VPN itself. The program has the ability to unlock website and geographical locations that are restricted for a variety of reasons. Switch also supports protocols such as Skype and other VoIP and P2P applications. That allows the customer to always be in touch with home no matter where they might be in the world.

There are no additional bandwidth charges, allowing the customer to have uninterrupted access to the Internet. Switch also offers point to point tunneling protocol which adds another level of security when negotiating the Internet.

The system uses a 1024-2048 bit encryption that keeps your computer safe from hackers and spies trying to track your Internet travels. The system also provides security when using an unsecured network such as a public network at the public library, Internet Café, airport, hotel or a restaurant.

The program provides each computer with a temporary and unique IP address for each Internet session. That prevents spying eyes from following the users movements when surfing the Internet. The secure connection protects all applications including email, downloads, uploads and personal data transfer.

Switch does not store customer information including log in files. The service provides complete and confidential protection while surfing the web and unlocks web sites and applications that may be inaccessible due to government sanctions.