Logging onto the Internet can be full of hazards and pitfalls. For every good and fun thing in life, there are people who would rather undermine those things rather than use them to their advantage and the Internet is no exception. Internet users have to take great care when surfing the web and take steps to protect their identity from nosey eyes.

Virtual private networks were developed to help users protect themselves from the hazards and pitfalls and Vypr VPN provides such protection for its customers. Vypr VPN provides a secure network that provides a secure Internet connection without sacrificing Internet speed. The VPN is an interface between the computer and the Internet and the user has to have their own Internet connection. Your Internet provider does not see the VPN, it only sees the encrypted data and any other prying eyes only sees the server location and IP address the VPN puts in place when you log onto the worldwide web.

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The encrypted data includes all the data your computer sends and receives, passwords, emails activity related to browsing. Internet providers analyze your online activity and sometimes limit your bandwidth accordingly. Vypr VPN prevents the inspection from taking place and your user speed from being compromised.

Vypr VPN works by locating servers all over the world and supplying a temporary IP address when you log into the Internet, along with data encryption. The temporary IP address hides your true identity and prevents anyone targeting your IP address with unwanted advertising and tracking methods that can be a nuisance as well as dangerous.

The secure Internet also allows users to be online and free from employer and government monitoring and censorship. Vypr has the ability to unblock web sites that might ordinarily be off limits to your real IP address. There are governments around the world that inhibit the use of the Internet and takes the curl out of web surfing.

Vypr VPN supports multiple protocols that ensure every device, including tablets and mobile devices can connect to the Internet and enjoy the same security and protection computers have. Vypr also supports a variety of platforms including Windows and Mac operating systems, Linux, Android, iPhone and iPad.

Vypr allows users to view websites in their native language, which is helpful while traveling no matter where in the world travel takes you. If you are making a purchase on line while away from home, Vypr will allow you to view your native currency.

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